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Sleeplessness wasn't usually a problem for Draco. He was a busy man, directing people throughout the village like a the conductor of an orchestra. After all of that, for someone that ran on four to five hours a night, one might think sleep wouldn't be a problem at all. Usually it wasn't. Usually, Draco fell asleep quickly and woke up on time without issue. He was practically robotic. For the past few nights, however, he had floated on half consciousness before giving in and taking a potion.

Tonight – or morning, rather – Draco stared up at the ceiling wondering if he should have seen this coming. The days following Hannibal's dinner party (and their – ahem – extra curricular activities), Draco had slept better than ever. He had even grabbed a few extra hours simply because he could, a highly irregular occurrence. Maybe that was why.

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22 April 2014 @ 08:46 pm
J.L. was gone. In some respects, Kyla was relieved. It meant that she didn't have to worry about him killing Leoben or baby John or Alissa - although Alissa was an entirely different story. But in some respects, it was hard. She knew where and what he was going back to and she remembered his broken body when he showed up - he'd be going back home to be broken again.

It reminded Kyla that she was going home eventually, too, and she hadn't been practicing her skills as much as she wanted to. She knew her father told her it was okay not to train, but it didn't feel okay. It felt like a betrayal. It also felt unsafe.

With what free time she had today to herself, Kyla took it upon herself to go to the outskirts of town. She knew there was a shooting range, but it didn't offer the distance and difficulty she required. It took her a while to set up the targets to how she liked it. White grass chalk painted the ground. Kyla put up a sign near by warning anyone who might come into the marked off area that there was shooting going on.

Once things were set up, she positioned herself on one of the hillsides and looked through her scope to the targets on the trees. Her dogs, Ginger and Ripper, sat obediently beside her on either side as they were used to this sort of routine before.

Kyla shot the first target, which was just shy of 2100 yards. It hit the bulls eye, though not directly in the center. She frowned. Yes, it would have been a kill shot, but she felt like her skills has obviously diminished. It was not a good feeling.
Anna found herself at the park as the night began to descend on the village. Sunset was an interesting time, it seemed, as the weather allowed for humans to stay out longer and later than they might have normally. As the twilight took over, the small children left the park and there seemed to only be a few groupings of older children, teenagers, that remained.

She stood near a lamp post and watched a couple who had entered the park holding hands. Anna watched as the boy leaned over and whispered something in the girl's ear which made the girl giggle. Ana tilted her head slightly as she pondered what he could have said.

Watching the interactions between the young couple caused the stirring of something in the pit of her stomach. She realized after a moment she was frowning and she was feeling something that wasn't enjoyable. For a moment she didn't know what the name of the feeling was. As she watched the boy lean over and kiss the girl, Anna felt the feeling again.

She wasn't sure she liked the feeling and yet, feeling it didn't scare her.

A moment later, with the soft sound of fluttering wings, Anna appeared in Dean's living room. The only thing that might have announced her arrival was the fact the lights had flickered several times before she appeared.

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22 April 2014 @ 01:18 pm
Rikki had kept a low profile since the lunar eclipse. The pull to do the wacky had been stronger during that time than a normal full moon and she hadn’t been sure what the after effects would be. But the sun was pulling on her more so she headed towards the beach.

She smiled with the feel of the warm sand between her toes. It felt good and almost like home. She placed the blanket on the shore before running into the waves. In a split second she went from girl to mermaid with a splash of her tail.

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21 April 2014 @ 08:03 pm
It was late afternoon, and Castiel was in the park walking Bernie. The dog was not on a leash, but he had trained him well enough by now to listen to many commands... of course 'listen' did not always mean he would obey. Bernie had a big personality for such a little dog, and he was smart, so at least Cas knew he wouldn't run out of the park and into what little traffic Haurvatat did have.

He even brought a ball to play fetch, and later they'd definitely get a frozen yogurt to share too. What? Cas loved his dachshund.

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21 April 2014 @ 07:21 pm
Kamekona was enjoying the thawed out weather. It wasn't the best weather, but at least it wasn't snowing and it wasn't cold. Winter sucked - Hawaii had the right idea. No winter, just sun all the time.

The good weather meant that Kamekona's shrimp truck was in full swing again, and not just the small business he had out of his room during the winter. The shrimp was cooking, filling the air, and people were already enjoying their meals on the various picnic tables set out for customers. Occasionally Kamekona would step out of the truck to see how things were doing.


Glenn was one of the people enjoying the shrimp. He had never been to Hawaii and didn't think he ever would back home considering the state the world was in, but at least he could experience a little of it here. Maybe he would go to the holodeck and experience 'first hand'. He wished Maggie could be there to do it with him.

He glanced down at his last couple of shrimp and then up to the truck. After another moment, he stood up and went to wait in line for seconds, though he continued to munch away at the last of his first dish as he waited.


Liz did not get to eat a lot of good seafood being from Roswell. A lot of the food was frozen and she had thought it was okay, but now she was certain she would have a hard time enjoying fish sticks and frozen shrimp cocktails after being introduced to the shrimp at Kamekona's.

She opted to sit under a tree instead of at a picnic table. She had a few of her biology books out beside her, but they were closed at the moment as she enjoyed her garlic shrimp and watched the various people enjoying the Easter holiday.

Liz smiled to herself - it was good that they could enjoy themselves. For a moment her thoughts went to Lord Macbeth and her smile faltered. She hoped he was doing okay. It was hard to be apart from the person you loved - Liz knew that deeply.


Last, but not least, Axl was at one of the picnic tables. He had two containers in front of him. One was the classic garlic shrimp, but the other was what Kamekona had said was his 'hottest dish yet'. Axl thought, for whatever reason, that something spicy would be delicious today and so he got an order.

The garlic shrimp was downed easily, accompanied by a nice cold can of New Zealand beer. As he opened up the container of the spicy shrimp, he smiled. Axl could tell this was going to be awesome.

One bite and he felt the heat. His eyes began to water, his face flushed a little and he coughed. Okay, so it was really spicy!

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20 April 2014 @ 05:12 pm
Glinda was all but skipping through the park, licking on an ice cream cone. It was so beautiful here in, what she learned, was called Spring. She took a seat in the grass by the lake, watching the children search for candy filled plastic eggs. Why, she had no idea, but to witness such unabashed joy and glee was always a pleasure. Her smile widened even more, seeing a ginormous rabbit hopping amongst the kids, and their excited reaction. To her, this was a nearly perfect day.
18 April 2014 @ 10:11 am
"She loves you, yes. She loves Lauren. But you know that it's me. I'm her heart. You now that....I will wait for Bo in Valhalla. You know that she'll never stop looking for me. She will never stop fighting to bring me home."

Clearly Kenzi wasn't in Valhalla though.  Sitting in front of an all too familiar hotel, Kenzi knew exactly where she was but she had no idea how to feel about it.  In fact she wasn't sure how much time had passed since she had found herself in the familiar but strange village with all the locked memories coming undone and rushing back to her.  Now it was jumbled in her head, swirling about in a mess of emotions she wasn't sure she could deal with.

She knew the others were here.  That Hale was alive and whole in this place but what could she do?  He didn't know what happened back home.  How could she even tell him?  How could she tell any of them?  More than that, there was Remy.  They had a good thing with each other, a happiness that she hadn't felt for a long time but now...

Groaning, she slumped down more where she sat in front of the hotel, sliding her hands over her face as she let out a little sigh while cursing Destiny and it's stupid sense of fun.  Really, she didn't appreciate the shit that it was putting her through.  Why couldn't it have just left her alone?  Left her in the village unaware of what was going to happen back home?  Why did it have to put any of them through everything that had gone on?

Muttering a little curse, she dropped her hands as she looked around once more.  She should get up and contact the others but she couldn't bring herself to move.  She was frozen, sitting and staring ahead as she tried to put everything right in her mind.

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17 April 2014 @ 08:40 pm
A day did not go by where Catherine didn't think of her mother, but most of her memories now (away from Muirfield and New York) were of happy times. As she passed one of the stores with Easter baskets and other items, Cat felt a tug toward the memory of her parents and all the early morning egg hunts she'd gone on.

With a wry smile, she juggled the newly acquired Easter basket along with tulips from the flower shop. If Catherine was going to decorate, she might as well go for it. At least that was what she told herself. Next stop, grocery store to pick out eggs. She might not be the best cook on the planet or close to her mother's talent, but she could definitely boil an egg and color it.

Catherine had planned on getting fish at some point, after the conversation with Clayton at the opera show. She was a workaholic, even in the village. It was part of her DNA, but obviously that determination hadn't withstood the cute that had been in the animal shelter window. Hopefully, taking care of a rabbit would be just as easy as taking care of fish. She really hoped.
Belle had spent her first days in the village trying to...not forget, she couldn't do that even if she had wanted to, but to at least live without being bogged down by Rumple's loss. She'd familiarized herself with the streets, pleased to find it actually didn't seem that much bigger or different from Storybrooke under the face of things. She'd lingered in the bookshop and library, taking note of the layout and selection in both. She knew she'd have to inquire at one of them for work, and she welcomed the idea of that distraction, but right now she was sure she wouldn't be a model employee.

The nights had been difficult. Lonely. Even though they'd spent more nights apart than they had together, even in Storybrooke, at least she'd had reminders of Rumple--his clothes in the house, his shop--and now all she had was their cup. Oh, she had some of her own things, that book she'd been reading the day they met, other trinkets--but that was the only one that mattered. She found herself lingering on it when she went to bed, running her finger along the slightly-golden rim, thinking of him saying it was the only thing in his shop he treasured.

Usually Belle was able to shake off the worst of the pain in the morning after some quiet tears, but this morning the heavy cloud just wouldn't leave. She knew wandering around the town wasn't likely to help, nor would curling up with any of the books she'd already read three times. She needed to talk to someone. Someone who knew her.

For a moment, Belle considered calling Paris. But he had already shouldered her freshest grief, and besides, he knew her far better than she knew him, and she wasn't sure how much he knew of her past with Rumple just yet. But she had seen a name in the registery that was familiar, one she hadn't dared call on in case their timelines hadn't meshed. But today, her hurt was strong enough to drive her to bravery, to washing her face and dressing and walking out the hall to the door with the number she'd scribbled down that first evening.

Biting her lip, she hesitated for one moment before knocking. "...Ruby? It--It's Belle."