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Name. . . CASTIEL
Current Status. . .
. . . UNKNOWN.
Feeling. . . LETHARGIC.
Location. . . HAURVATAT? STILL.
Surroundings. . .

Cas opened his eyes and squinted a bit. He found himself sitting up on a bench in the park. Trees, flowers, shrubs and a lot of green, green grass- those were his surroundings. With a groan he shifted, moving a hand to rub his forehead. Had he been sleeping again? Dreaming. At least this time it wasn't a nightmare. It did, however, leave him with a feeling of dread at the pit of his stomach. The dream felt like a reboot, as if his innermost workings were being tampered with just as Naomi had done. This time, however, he didn't feel any pain.

He thought he'd find blood on his face, maybe some metal picks in his forehead as if he'd had another angel lobotomy, but he was fine. His vitals were good, and he was in top condition. So why was he dreaming then?

Angels dreaming were usually signs of something being wrong.

He stood up and searched the village with uneasiness. It may have only looked like he was looking over the field but he was searching much further than that. His mind fell upon the source that had been leaving him on edge: The Mark of Cain.

Castiel innerly scolded himself for having fallen asleep when his best friend still had such a mark on his being. Everything he had considered doing for Dean and the symbol on his arm didn't seem like it would work, but he wasn't ready to give up just yet.

He didn't know how long he'd been out here in such a state, so he decided it was best to start heading back to his apartment to check up on his doxie, Bernie.

[[Note: If anyone was nearby, they would have heard him speaking Enochian in his sleep, muttering what is bolded above over and over.]]
05 August 2015 @ 06:56 am
I have bought one of the strange flying discs called frisbees for Olore. One day we were in the park and some (NPC) young people were playing something they called frisbee golf with them. It involved needing to hit certain tree trunks with the disc. I noticed that Olore was watching and have seen images of dogs that would play with these things by catching them in their mouths. Olore didn't do that, but he did run and jump up quite high to grab the frisbee as though it was a prey bird. I apologized to the young people and went shopping for one of the discs soon after. I'm told that the colour is neon orange (it was better than the yellow) and surely I will not lose it easily.

It has taken some time to learn to throw it properly, and I can't always get it close enough to the cat, but he's jumped up and caught it several times. It attracts a bit of attention, but he often does. As odd as the village is, I think he's the only African Serval here and not everyone has seen him yet.

Plastic disc is toy for 40-pound cat. Faramir will not be surprised to be approached.
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01 July 2015 @ 10:06 am
Eli wasn't sure how he found himself in this predicament. He had just gone to the bakery for a few scones and a couple of cupcakes for the staff at the lab, but somehow he was now standing just outside of the bakery without having even ventured inside yet. An elderly lady stood beside him leaning on a walker as she watch him with fascinated eyes. Eli held a tablet in front of him - the woman's tablet. Why anyone decided this woman needed a tablet for her birthday was beyond him, but the woman was now determined to learn how to use it.

For the fifth time now, Eli was going through how to turn it on and what buttons not to press. Thankfully the woman really only wanted to access two games - solitaire and a word search game. Still, she didn't seem to be retaining a lot of the information.

Finally the woman's knees began to hurt and she thanked the young man for his help. She said she thought she could use it now and took back the electronic device before promising to visit him in the labs if he ran into more problems. She then slowly walked away. Eli watched for a few moment, then sighed and turned back to the bakery. The scones were all sold out by now. Great.
30 June 2015 @ 11:58 am
Drusilla hummed softly as she danced along the grass of the cemetery in her bare, pale feet. She wore a simple white dress that was muddied at the end of the skirt from walking so much in the dirt, but Drusilla didn't seem to mind. Eyes closed, she hummed and danced through the tombstones as the sun was midway through setting.

It was went she came to a particular headstone - one that she had discovered a few weeks ago - that she stopped. A birdcage had been placed on top. A pet for Dru which she had gotten as a present from the man who said his name was Jerry, but Drusilla knew better. She crouched, her fingers running over the engrave name - Jenny Calendar - and then her fingers found their way to the bars of the little cage. She hummed.

"Will you sing for me today?" Her Cockney accent was a little softer as she spoke to the cage, though when no response came she frowned a little. "Sing, little one. Mummy wants to hear you."

But the little blue bird was unfortunately quite dead. Drusilla was never good at taking care of pets.
After a virus knocked out nearly half of the orchestra and some of the choir members, we're way off our original schedule, but finally Orpheus in the Underworld is ready to open.

Everything is prepared for the opening party afterward: Music, a buffet and drinks will be available in the foyer. Let's hope we'll have reason to celebrate! At least I'm sure we have two of the most realistic gods ever in a performance of this operetta.

I wish everyone "break a leg" before the curtain goes up, then it's time for me to head to the orchestra pit. You'd think I'd have gotten used to this by now, but I'm still as nervous as on my first opening night. I feel like straightening my bow tie one last time but I stop myself in time. It's a good thing I have such self-control. Someone would need to know me very well to see through the facade. I can think of only one person here who knows me intimately enough - Catherine, and I'm not sure where she is right now, probably in the audience.

[Please tag Clay if you want him, performers and helpers can catch him before the show, everyone when he's mingling at the party.
Here's the cast list if you want to check whom your friends/lovers played on stage.]
13 June 2015 @ 09:29 am
Having read through a lot of the literature available at the magic shop, Christopher hasn't managed to learn much about the village and the demons that must have created or at least banned him to this realm. Frankly - he needs a break from his research which seems to be going nowhere. It's frustrating him.

Friday evening finds him sitting in the hotel bar, nursing a glass of red wine while he studies the other people present. Some company beyond the shop's customers would be welcome. He's used to being alone, but he's been a recluse pretty much since he arrived here. That's a little too long even for his self-sufficient personality. It's time to mix and mingle a little.
12 June 2015 @ 12:26 pm
Chris and Red are in the park, playing fetch with a tennis ball that has seen better times. The dog doesn't seem to mind its state, and he clearly isn't shy of water, happily jumping into the lake after the ball.

Chris on the other hand is less enthusiastic about his involuntary shower when Red returns with the ball and begins to shake the water out of his fur right in front of his human. "Hey, can it, mate!"

Red finishes his shaking, then bounces up and down, waiting for Chris to pick up the ball. He looks so goofy that Chris just can't stay angry and starts laughing.
08 June 2015 @ 07:37 pm
Legolas found himself in the park after work. His thoughts had strayed more than once to the lovely fae Maleficent. He reflected on their...friendship? relationship? He wasn't quite sure what to call it--yet. A soft smile curved his lips as he ventured over to the flower seller. What kind should he buy the lady? He wondered.
Today was The Day. If anyone asked how old he was, Draco would throw out a random number - partly because the reactions were fun, and partly because he didn't want to think about it. Plenty of that had gone on the previous year. All the energy Draco would have spent worrying and pontificating about the meaning of life was re-allocated to the Getting Things Done department.
The result was a welcoming environment set up in the park. Of course there was a large bon fire stuffed with fallen wood from the forest that would be lit up when either the temperature became chilly or the sun was down. Draco had decorated tables and trees with the usual party embellishments: streamers, lights, colorful table cloths for the picnic tables, and balloons enchanted to either insult or compliment anyone that bumped into them. There were also party crackers filled with confetti and silly paper hats that would shout when pulled apart, and a variety of broomsticks for anyone that fancied a race or game of catch. Draco had also stuffed a star-shaped piñata with oodles of candy and strung it up in an area with plenty of space around it.
Food was brought in courtesy of the hotel restaurant and set up buffet style. The covered trays and pans of food actually seemed to change their contents every so often which would likely have many guests gorging themselves throughout the night. There was also plenty to drink in the alcohol and non-alcohol options. Lack of selection would not be a problem.
As for sweets, there was no better option than a spread of blue-frosted cupcakes. The village, of course, had kept up its own tradition where Draco was concerned. His personal reminder had been waiting for him in the kitchenette. It made for a delicious breakfast.

The fact that he had already had a cupcake this morning did not stop him from snagging another. Birthdays were hard work, after all, and required plenty of sugar for fuel.

[OOC: Posting two days early as I'll be at my brother's birthday party on Friday. :)]
23 May 2015 @ 09:57 am
Anna crouched on one side of the wooden fence and extended her hand through it. A smile slowly spread across her lips as a little baby lamb stumbled over and sniffed at her hand before licking it and making a soft 'baaa' sound. Anna laughed softly as she started to pet the lamb on the head. Lambs had always been drawn to angels, it seemed, and at this moment Anna didn't mind that that part of her life influenced something.

She reached into the small bag she had bought at the center and retrieved some food for the baby sheep. She held out the pellets for the animal who happily ate from her hand. Anna was glad she had decided to come here today instead of her normal haunts. It was relaxing. Maybe, she thought, she should look into volunteering here a few times a week.