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06 July 2012 @ 11:54 pm
Glenn was seriously starting to think that Rick had lost it. Sure, the man had made some good decisions in the past, but in this sort of situation when you had to live day-to-day, the past meant crap all. This whole 'pulling off to the side of the road' thing left an uneasy taste in Glenn's mouth and he couldn't help feeling more exposed than he had dead people's blood all over him and he was walking amongst Walkers in the open.

He looked out into the darkness. Maggie had had to pee, but it seemed like she was taking forever to come back. That didn't sit well with him. He shifted in his seat, counted to twenty, and then he couldn't take it anymore. He stood up and walked out into the darkness.

He passed under a low hanging tree branch and when he straightened and looked up, he was facing a bunch of buildings close in the distance. It was so dark out he could barely make the buildings out, but the moonlight provided enough illumination. "What the hell...?" His brow knit and he turned back to look for the others, but they weren't there. No one was around. He felt a surge of panic. Glenn shifted his weight from side to side. "...Maggie?" He winced. He hated calling out in case a walker heard the noise, but it was Maggie. "Maggie!?"

He held onto his shotgun closely. What the hell just happened and where was everyone? And why was it so dark?!
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