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All Jeremy ever wanted was to go home. Back to the farm, to the house that had so many lightning rods and the cellar that held all his books. Each one that he'd read, that he'd learned from that he remembered each page, each word.

After he'd hitchhiked and stowed away on board the back of trucks and such, he was walking the rest of the long way that he could already see the house in the distance. He had to use his ability to force the doors open, to head to the cellar where he found all his books, all his things … gone. Gone.

Jess came. Mr. Ripley, too. Then the Sheriff, all agreeing to let him go. Someplace where he would fit … but there wasn't any place that Powder would fit.

Then something called to him. The sky, the lightning hidden behind the thick clouds. It was the first time that Jeremy felt that he wanted to go to it instead of it wanting to come to him.

So he ran. He ran in the field with his arms stretched out and the sky opened up and thunder rolled, loud and ominous. Still, Jeremy ran toward it, the crackling of electricity shooting a bolt to his chest, pulling him. Pulling him. Gone. Gone home.

He knew it was over once the white fire came and everything went bright that he couldn't see. His feet stopped running and he fell to his knees with Jeremy's eyes slow to blink open and focus. It was still grass under his pale hands and below it nature's heartbeat hummed with energy and life.

This wasn't home, this wasn't the farm, and already he could feel that this place was somewhere he didn't know. He looked up. Where was he?

[ooc: timed to right when power surged back in the village; closed first but I'll have him out again soon to those who want to meet Powder. :D ]
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