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10 July 2012 @ 11:31 am
Light Yagami had always been the top of his class, no one ever coming close. Well, there was that one time where L had pretended to be a high school graduate entering into the same university as him, but that hardly counted once he found out how old he was- and WHO he was.

Light had never gotten a low mark, never been sent to the principal. Actually, he'd never done anything remotely wrong in the slightest except once he got hold of the Death Note.

Still, he had always thought the justice system was wrong and full of loopholes. His father was a police officer, so he'd been exposed to a lot early. There wasn't even a true, set system here. Barely anyone had blinked an eye when he'd overdosed on what he had assumed should be an illegal substance. So, if that was completely fine, what else could people get away with here?

He first made his way to the library to look around. He'd done research there before, but maybe he'd stumble across something new. Growing up, books seemed to have most of the answers after all.

When nothing really came up within a few hours, he decided that perhaps he should try the bookstore. Hadn't he heard something about a special bookshelf there that showed you what you were looking for?

Light headed into the bookstore, looking around it for a bit. He already knew about what he could, but he was hoping to find something new. Finally, he gave up on the subject and found something that looked like he would enjoy reading and headed up to the counter to purchase it.

((Again, OTA, tag bookstore owner and employees!))

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