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27 December 2012 @ 07:42 pm
Everything was just right. She had the day off from the clinic and with the classes not on for the holiday season she wanted to do something special. It had been their one year anniversary on Monday but they had not really had anything proper to eat. She had not given him the romantic meal she had hoped they would have. So after going about the other things she had to do she went to pick up some groceries and set about making their apartment as romantic as possible. She knew when he would be home so she had the timing down just right.

His favourite dinner was just about finished as she lit the candles she had dotted around the apartment. Kept the lighting to only candle light and the open fire they had in their living room. She really was grateful that the room was catered to how they personally felt and what felt normal, and the open fire really added to the feeling of the night. Just as the door began to open she was placing the plates on the table.

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