No one at the wheel - OTA

It was a glorious Sunday afternoon in the village of Haurvatat, and one young man in particular was enjoying it. Cedric Diggory, wizard and all-around Goody Two-Shoes, found himself reclining on a blanket in the park, watching and listening to the progression of life around him.

The village Powers were ... otherwise engaged? It had been more than a year since Cedric's last direct experience with them. Since then, no invasions, mysterious alterations, or transformations - at least to his knowledge. Yes, the basic rules of the place seemed to be intact. The mystic barrier around the village surroundings remained in place. People continued to arrive and depart, though to Cedric's mind it was not nearly so many as had been. Still, food, water, power, and other resources continued to appear in the various shops.

For a while, Cedric had been nervous - worried that the unusual quiet heralded some kind of shutdown. That the village might simply collapse into oblivion was a frightening thought. For those like him, who had been slain in their former lives, where would there be to go? Was Cedric only alive by the agency of the Powers, and would their departure mean that he would simply vanish or return to the grave? He understood the fear of the elderly and the infirm, who knew that their end was closer than ever and would only continue to approach.

In time, though, that had passed. Life continued, and Cedric had chosen to create his own meaning for it. He would do what good he could, for whomever would permit it. He would be a friend, a lover, a kindly stranger, to those around him. He would live, as well and as long as he could.

And if, in the end, his memory passed from history as so many others before him had, his life had mattered to him.

Cedric sat on his blanket, smiling at the butterfly that had settled for the moment on his outstretched hand before moving on into the sunlit afternoon.

Live as long and as well as you can.

[ooc:  Not the closing of the curtain, much as it might read that way! Feel free to come enjoy life with this happy young man.]

You're soaking in it ... [OTA]

Cedric had never actually tried out the hottub on the hotel's roof before, but after a few laps in the pool it seemed the obvious thing to try. His Sunscreen Potion had been perfected months ago, so he wasn't worried on that score. Perhaps he'd work on a potion to prevent waterlogging next, or just combine it with gillyweed or something similar to prevent drowning. The naming would take work, though. Something called the "Potion of Hottub Safety" just didn't stand out.

Time was something he had plenty of, so Cedric expected he would work it out. In the meantime, he contented himself with idly watching the clouds, as well as those visitors to the roof.

They were fortunately frequent enough to prevent Cedric from giving into the temptation of resuming an earlier position over one of the warm water jets. He'd discovered it by accident, and he spent the next several minutes wondering if he could marry the hottub.

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Depressingly Dull (OTA)

There's only so much calm I can take. There's been nothing but the usual opera-related problems to interrupt my days lately. Lately? For months, rather.

Yes, life has been pretty good. A wonderful woman in my life, as much music as I like – but. That's a big But. I. Am. Bored. Paradise doesn't seem so temping if you've been stuck in a bubble of all-is-well for a while.

I'm miss being an agent. The secrets, the danger – yes, I even miss screwing with Rabb's mind. I hadn't expected to ever miss him of all people, but screwing with him had its entertainment value. Let's face it: My life has become dull. Pleasant, but dull. I guess the pleasant part still makes it better than Paramaribo would have been. Or maybe not. I'd still be an agent there, surely the occasional thing happens even in Paramaribo. On the other hand, Catherine wouldn't be with me. But I don't want to decide between my job and a woman. Not that I have a choice to make, being stuck here. I just wish something interesting would happen. Anything! I'll even take those dinosaurs back, if it just interrupts this mind-numbing Pleasantville experience for a while.

"Another one." My third scotch, but who's counting? Maybe I should have gotten a bottle at the store instead of sitting here at the bar. My hope that there'd be something interesting to observe here – well, it was just that. Hope.

A day in the sun ... [OTA]

Cedric Diggory was not having a fun and relaxing day at Haurvatat's beach. It might appear that way to onlookers as the young man carried on, clad only in light blue trunks. It certainly looked like he was enjoying himself, whether it was flying a kite or engaging in some peculiar Muggle beach games involving tossing or hitting an object back and forth.

Truth be told, though, Cedric was in a sense still at work. The "Sunscreen Potion" (a better name would hopefully come) appeared to be at last ready, but it needed to be tested - and who better than the Hufflepuff himself? Granted, Cedric was positively ruddy compared to a certain blond Slytherin, but he was prone enough to sunburn to gauge the potion's effectiveness.

So, if that meant cavorting around the whole day wearing just this side of nothing, then Cedric would do exactly that.

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Holiday Gift Basket (forward-dated to Xmas morning)

At 12:01 am on December 25th, a very large covered gift basket abruptly appears outside the door to room 690, a large tag indicating that it is intended for one Draco Malfoy. If one were to listen closely, one could hear the faint sounds of breathing coming from within.

If one were to lift the lid, one would find a certain Cedric Diggory lying inside. Resting upon a pile of soft pillows and red rose petals, young Diggory sleeps as comfortably as he ever has, the subtle tingle of enchantment rising from him for those with the ability to sense such things.

A Hufflepuff House Token hangs from a simple golden chain around the young man's neck. Cedric's modesty is otherwise preserved solely by a strategically-placed large red bow.

[One Sleeping Cedric! Anyone may react to the presence of the basket in the hallway or the young man within, but only a certain blond Slytherin can break the spell and awaken the wholesome Hufflepuff.]

College Distractions (ota)

A new school year started, but Liz was no longer in high school anymore. It was a weird thought and she didn't like to think on it too much as her parents and friends hadn't been there to celebrate the achievement. She had always thought that she and Maria would have made a whole day out of graduation, but here it had come so quickly. Sure, Max had been here and Liz was grateful for that, but it still was missing some key figures.

There was a science textbook - a rather large one compared to the type you got in high school - on one of the tables near the back. These were the tables that only filled up if it was really busy so the staff usually took it as an area for their breaks. Liz's break was approaching, but she was currently still serving tables this Tuesday afternoon. She delivered an extra bacon, extra lettuce BLT to a table and turned to fetch another order when she noticed a vase with lavender bouquet was next to her textbook. She walked over and lifted up the card that read: Always on my mind.

Liz naturally assumed they were from Max even though it wasn't signed and she smiled to herself as she leaned forward and sniffed one of the flowers. She began to feel a little warm and the light hanging over the table flickered a little.
magic eye

Sand Magic (ota)

Merlin sat in the sandbox of the play structure at the park. Normally it was where the smaller children played, but he had picked a time where most of them were either in school or napping. He sat cross-legged, unaware, really, of how it might look strange for a grown man to be sitting there. He was there practicing something.

He spoke a few ancient words which made his eyes flash gold for a moment and then the grains of sand started to swirl. He held out his palm to the sand as he tried to shape it with only his magic. It was hard considering all the little grains of sand needed to work in tandem.

The girls are out (ota - gentle tag to Dean for Anna)

(ooc: Anna's post timed before the day of Castiel's b-day because they'd run into each other at that point for sure)

Anna was on a new routine in the morning. She would go for a run through the village and then stop in the park to do some yoga and practice sword movements although most days she did not choose to bring the sword with her. It was a good way to start the day and it helped to clear her mind. Things had gotten easier for her, even though so many things had gone wrong in the past. Life wasn't uncomplicated, but at least she thought she knew where she stood with things.

She had her wooden sword with her today. It was good to strap to her back for added weight as she ran and she began to move through a series of sword movements that continued to get more fluid the more she practiced them. After this she would head to the cafe for breakfast. Coffee and a breakfast sandwich also helped to wake her up. It was also a nice reward from all the exertions.


Krissy was going to school even though the first week had been a little rough. It was hard not thinking about how she almost had this balanced life back home of normal and hunting only to find out it was all just a lie. She found herself looking around the halls for Stiles more than she'd like to admit and she wondered if he decided to play hooky or something.

After school, armed with a bag full of homework, she headed for the library but decided to stop at the cafe instead. The weather was still nice outside and she decided to bank on the fact now before it changed. Settling down at a chair outside the cafe, she pulled out her least favorite subject - math - and opened it to the chapter they were learning.