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Hearts & Minds
Hearts & Minds is a Pan Fandom role playing game. Characters from all fandoms are invited to play. There may be only one version of each character, unless canon dictates that there may be more than one. (The Doctor from Doctor Who is an example--canonically there are eleven versions of the Doctor, all of which have different looks, styles, individual timelines and personalities. And they have interacted with each other in a number of episodes, such as The Three Doctors [One, Two and Three interacting]; The Five Doctors [One, Two, Three and Five interacting, with Four appearing in a clip from an unaired story]; and The Two Doctors [Two and Six interacting]).

Regarding the one-version-only rule: an example would be Robin Hood from the BBC series. The game could, conceivably, have BBC!Robin Hood and Robin McAllister, the archery buff boarding school student from the TV series Robin of Locksley who steals from rich men via computer to help a sick friend; the two Robins are significantly different. However, the game could NOT have Robin Hood from the BBC, Robin Hood from Prince of Thieves and Robin Hood from Men in Tights, because, though they are all different interpretations, they are all fundamentally the same character.

The premise of this game, what we feel makes it unique, is not that it takes place in an isolated village, but the fact that characters from across the fandoms are sent there for a reason. It is the mun's responsibility to determine a reason, and reasons must be submitted to the mods as part of the application. (An example would be if House, from House MD, was sent to the village in order to get his Vicodin habit under control). Once the character has learned his lesson/achieved his goal, or whatever is required per the reason determined, he is able to travel between the village and his home canon, if possible.

Characters dead within canon may live in the village, but would be unable to return to their home canon.

Within the village, there is a hotel. Each character will be assigned a room (Click here!) (muns may request single, double, triple, or room for four, and may request roommates). The room will magically have up to five items the mun chooses from the character's canon. (Using House as an example again, the mun would not have to choose to have his cane in the room as his cane is necessary for his character).

Using House as my main example brings up another point: Medication. The village has shops, and each shop provides opportunity for characters to work in game. Each shop is also sentient, and can provide characters with what they need, within reason. What the characters are actually given is dictated by the muns. House would likely get his Vicodin, as he needs it to manage his pain, but the sentient village would certainly control his dosage.

Please note that ALL GENRES are accepted: Het, slash, and femslash are all welcome here. There are no restrictions on that sort of thing, though anything deemed NSFW must be moved to personal journals. Thank you.
First, Check the roster of taken characters (fandoms A-L), the roster of taken characters (fandoms M-Z). You may also want to check out the character wishlist.

As of May 7, 2009: Anime/animated, video game, cartoon characters and comic book characters are accepted with human (or humanoid) PBs, especially where there is a live action canon to back it up. Characters should be human, or humanish, or able to pass for human, or...you get the idea. Characters who may not be considered humanoid (i.e. Ninja Turtles, Hellboy, KITT) will be considered on an "as requested" basis by the mods. Live action PBs better your chance of having these pups accepted.

Second, Fill out an application. As of June 3, 2009: We have a 2-pup-per-month rule. New players must wait four weeks--from the Friday that the first character is accepted to Thursday four weeks later--before applying for a second pup. Current players may app two pups in any given month. (Obviously if there is a plot need, let us know. We're usually pretty flexible.)
Please do not submit your application as a Google document. We will send it back and re-assess a new application the following week.

Please be patient. Applications are processed on Friday or Saturday every two weeks. If your application is not processed on Friday, it will be done the next day. You will receive an email notifying you of your acceptance to the game, along with your pup's game tag.

Third, request to join hearts_andminds, heartnmindooc, and outofminds. Applications will not be accepted without a request to join these three communities. Requests to join the communities will not be processed without an application.
*All other affiliated communities are optional, and you may request to join any and all at any time.

Fourth, update your pup's userinfo page with the following information: Name, canon, point in their canon at which they enter Haurvatat, physical description, a disclaimer. Here is a good example of what we are looking for. (You can copy & paste this info from your application if you wish.) This is so people who are not familiar with your pup or the canon can get a basic feel for who they are. Your application will not be approved unless you have this information on your pup's profile.

Bear in mind these simple rules:

1. Be considerate. No flaming. If you have a problem with another player, try to work it out reasonably. Mods are here to help, but we are not your mother.

2. Be respectful of muns as well as pups. IC drama is the meat and potatoes of role playing, but please be reasonable. Don't god-mod. Do communicate.

3. Post and play. Contact the Mods if you must be inactive for any length of time and arrangements will be made. The mods reserve the right to drop/recast any character who is inactive for six weeks without notice. Things come up. But really. Six weeks is quite a long time to hold up a character someone else may want.

4. All posts in the OOC community should be Friends Locked.

Jobs & Places
Room assignments in the hotel
Village Map
Game FAQs
Police Line
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MODS Heartnmind_Mod | Mod Journal
Jones_Drjones | Nat
Scythe_Matters| Manda

Hearts_Andminds | RPG Comm
Heartnmindooc | OOC Comm
Outofminds | Messaging System [INFO]
Heartnmindpd | Police Line [Planning Comm]
Hnmplots | Plotting Committee
Alternatehearts | Optional AU Comm

You can email the mods at hm.moderator@gmail.com.
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Canon Puncture by slutbamwalla and used with her express permission.
Characters & Plots
a) Crime. Regarding crimes committed in the village: In-Character Actions = In-Character Consequences. If you are planning on a crime spree or plot that results in a crime being committed, please be aware that the village police will be investigating. You may be contacted to discuss evidence left behind or asked for addition of police interaction in your plot.

Crime sprees, and plots where crimes will be committed should ultimately result in the imprisonment, reformation or disappearance of the pup in question. Perhaps a combination of all three.

Probation, therapy and other consequences will be discussed with muns whose pups are captured by the police and requirements may be implemented prior to being allowed to keep the pup, (i.e. Harley Quinn is doing community service, must have a job and checks in with her PO weekly).

If you pup is canonically unlikely to be captured you will have to convince us of their merits of them being allowed to continue as they are.

To request the assistance of the police/plan threads where you will need police inclusion go here and leave a post with the requested information for planning purposes.

b) Plots. Plots that involve property damage, that require the deaths of NPCs and/or apped pups, that involve widespread crime sprees, or that affect either large numbers of characters or the village as a whole should be outlined, including a rough timeline, and approved by the mods prior to implementation. Other plots that require mod approval include anything that would require police investigation and crack plots.

c) Characters. You can app an evil character after you prove to us that you can handle it. In other words, if we know that you can play the character believably without godmodding or game-breaking or ignoring netiquette. We've recently had a large influx of apps for evil characters and we are concerned about the integrity of the game.

The mods welcome questions, about pups, plots, businesses, why the sky is blue and pretty much any other topic you can come up with. If you're unsure about something, please feel free to email us or IM one of us, and we will get you an answer.
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